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Only venues within member areas are eligible to sign up to the Scheme. The scheme currently operates in the following areas:

In London: Bromley, Camden, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, London Borough of Redbridge, Wandsworth and Southwark.

Outside London: Wiltshire, Swindon, Redcar & Cleveland, Middlesbrough, Stockton-On-Tees, Oldham, Southampton, Bradford.

Benefits for your venue

What's in it for you?

Joining the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is free and straightforward. It also has the following benefits for your venue:

It makes a real improvement to customer/client service

Training staff to be welcoming to breastfeeding mothers encourages them to be more considerate to all customers. This will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is great for your business.

It can attract a new customer/client base

When new mothers find a place that welcomes them to feed their babies, they will recommend you to others. Mum’s visits are not usually at the busiest time of day, which means more customers during quiet times for your business. Breastfeeding welcome venues report a good level of customer/visitor return rates.

There is little or no cost to you

Breastfeeding mums say what they appreciate most is a welcoming atmosphere and friendly, attentive staff: something you can provide for free!

It can improve your image and get you free publicity

By becoming breastfeeding welcome you are making a positive contribution to helping babies get the best start in life. It is great for your image as it demonstrates that you are not just motivated by profit but are dedicated to making your customers happy. Businesses that become breastfeeding welcome will get publicity not only from being listed on our website, but also from word-of mouth recommendations between families.

Want to know more? Download our example guide to going Breastfeeding Welcome.

Testimonial Image

“Since joining the BFWS we have noticed a rise in the number of mums breastfeeding in our cafe, to the degree that we've installed a play area for little ones.”

Paper & Cup Coffee Shop, Tower Hamlets

Questions & Answers

FAQ for venues

Got questions? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions you might have as a venue. If you’d like to see a sample breastfeeding welcome policy, download one here. If you’re a CCG or local health area lead and are interested in commissioning the Scheme, read more about the benefits for your area here.

Is my venue in a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme area?

To find out if your venue is within a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme adopted area,  here.

Is my premises eligible to be Breastfeeding Welcome?

If your venue is within a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme adopted area and you can tick all the boxes on the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme venue checklist, you can sign up today.

Will it cost me anything?

No. There is no direct financial cost to joining the Scheme. However, you will be required to adopt the Breastfeeding Welcome policy as a minimum.

How do I get a pack?

You can download a sample venue guide here. If your venue is within a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme adopted area and you can tick all the boxes on the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme venue checklist, you can sign up today.

Who runs the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme?

The Scheme was initially developed on behalf of the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition. The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme has been managed by NCT since September 2011.

How does it work?

The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is for adoption by a Health Board/local authority/CCG, and they then are responsible for the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme in their area and signing up venues within it.
They rely on volunteer supporters to encourage venues to join (there is no cost for the individual venues). Every venue is required to fulfill a basic “checklist” of requirements to be Breastfeeding Welcome, and they require their staff to be aware of their Breastfeeding Policy before being deemed a suitable BFW site. Venues can  sign up online and will then be able to be listed on the BFW site.

What makes the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme different?

We are the only Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme with a national database, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

My venue is not within a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme adopted area. Can I still join?

At present, only venues within adopted areas are able to join NCT Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme.
If you would like to petition your local authority public health team to adopt the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme, please download this letter.

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Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

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