Sep 03
£2m Boost for Breastfeeding in Scotland

£2m Boost for Breastfeeding in Scotland

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Scottish Government have announced that they will be investing an extra £2m a year across Breastfeeding Support Services. The money will be used to fund services to help mothers to continue to breastfeed. Statistics show that 63% of mothers breastfeed at some point but the numbers drop to 41% at six weeks. Scottish Government is keen to address these figures and would like to see a 10% reduction in the number of mothers that stop breastfeeding by six weeks by 2025.

Public Health Minister Joe Fitzpatrick said: “Breastfeeding has many long and short-term health benefits for both the mother and the child but we know that for some mums and babies breastfeeding can be challenging.

“It is vital that mums are well supported throughout their time breastfeeding, especially where they may be experiencing difficulties, and this additional funding will help with some of the common issues they may face early on.

“We are also continuing to invest in activities which will normalise breastfeeding and enable mums to feel more comfortable and supported when breastfeeding in public.”

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