Sep 30
Nominations for BFW venues in Lewisham

Nominations for BFW venues in Lewisham

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Lewisham Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme invites mums to nominate new BFW venues.

Lewisham Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is encouraging mums to nominate their favourite places on an on-line survey.

By visting their Smart Survey which can be found via their Facebook page, mums can nominate the venues where they feel most comfortable feeding their babies in the Lewisham area.

Once a venue has been nominated, a local Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme volunteer will visit the venue in person.  The venue will be required to comply with a brief checklist and to adopt the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme policy before being registered as Breastfeeding Welcome.  Once verified, the venue will be given a poster and stickers to display and their details will be listed on the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme website.

If you know of any great venues where you feel comfortable feeding your baby, visit their Facebook page and leave a comment.

The Lewisham Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is funded by NHS Lewisham and is part of the Lewisham Council Healthy Eating Campaign.

Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

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