Sep 30
Wiltshire Council relaunches the BFW Scheme

Wiltshire Council relaunches the BFW Scheme

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Wiltshire Council are relaunching the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme this October.

NHS Wiltshire and Wiltshire Council are proud to be encouraging and supporting public, private and voluntary sector organisations in Wiltshire to become breastfeeding welcome.

Many venues in Wiltshire already try to make sure that women feel welcome to breastfeed.  The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme supports other venues who would like some straightforward hints and tips to make it easier to become a verified breastfeeding welcome venue.

Maggie Rae, Corporate Director of Wiltshire Council and Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet Member for Pubic Health, Protection Services, Adult Care and Housing for Wiltshire Council, both fully endorse the Scheme. Maggie says, “We have an updated Guide for venues. So whether you are a small business, a franchise or a communtiy centre with limited resources, we can help you make simple changes which make all the difference to breastfeeding mums. Once you are registered as Breastfeeding Welcome, your venue’s details will join the national database so that families can find you on-line”.

There are already over 100 premises in the Wiltshire area who are signed up to the scheme, and it is hoped that with the relaunch more venues will wish to come on board.

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